Thursday, April 5, 2012

Times New Roman

The font Times New Roman was commissioned by a British newspaper, called The Times in the year 1931.  After an article by Stanley Morrison criticizing The Times for being badly printed and the the typography being dated, a new font for the newspaper was drawn up by Victor Lardent and supervised by Morrison.  The font created used Plantin as its base but aimed to increase legibility and space.  The font became known as Times New Roman and was officially publicly released on October 3, 1932.  The Times continued to used the font Times New Roman for forty years.

I enjoy the font Times New Roman for multiple reasons.  Primarily, the font is classic and often used as the default font in Microsoft Word.  I like the very standard and legible character typical to the style as well.  Readability is one of my main concerns for fonts in general, as an unreadable font is useless.  However, in Times New Roman any effect added to characters (ex. italics, bold, etc.) does not reduce legibility.  Times New Roman is an excellent font that, I believe, will be around for many years to come.

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