Friday, April 20, 2012

Text in Graphic Design

Text is a valuable tool in the world of graphic design.  Not only can it be used to communicate a message, it can also be used as an integral part of a composition.  In this assignment, we were asked to create the themes playful, pattern, scale, tension, positive-negative, and congestion using text.  The composition of mine which I felt to be most effective was the one that depicted tension. 

The typeface used for this composition was Futura and the symbols used were "Z", "L", and "@".  Firstly, contrast can be seen in this image by the bright and varying colors of the symbols.  Additionally, the background that fades from white to black creates contrast as well as giving balance to the image and creating depth.  This composition has a lack of balance, leading to the tension of the composition.  The majority of the symbols are focused on the left creating the tension of the "@" symbol being pulled to the right.  The bright colors of the figures against the black and white ground adds to the prominence of the symbols and the message they convey.  Another technique used in this composition was the repetition of the both the "Z" and "@" symbols.  The repetitive "Z"s were used to create a design, while a series of "@" were used to depict the act of falling.  Overall, I enjoyed making this composition and that it effectively communicated the theme of tension.

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