Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Branding Efforts for Loveland

While looking for topics to use in this post, I stumbled across the article "New branding effort for Loveland draws initial praise" on the Denver Post.  Essentially the city council, especially the marketing committee, have been working on creating a "new brand" for the city of Loveland, Colorado to attract art lovers, business travelers, and just recreation-seeking tourists.  The man behind the design was John Metcalf, owner of a Loveland graphic design firm named Perfect Square.  The designs he recently unveiled simply contained the word "Loveland", a graphic of a heart, and one of the two phrases: "Loveland, Colorado: Everything You Love" or "Loveland: Colorado's Masterpiece".  Although simply, Metcalf's initial attempts went over quite well.  The final version of the brand will be selected at a commission meeting on May 16.


I thought this article was quite interesting because it showed an application of graphic design in the real world.  It expressed the idea that one simple design could be the difference between bringing in many tourists, and consequently money, or not.  I also think that the the design was enticing.  It is simple; however, I believe it is effective and will draw in many new visitors.  Overall, I thought the article was well-written and enjoyed reading it.

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