Monday, April 2, 2012

Font Facts

Fonts or "typefaces" are present everywhere in our daily lives.  Whether they are used to compose some presentation or to convey information through a sign, fonts are extremely significant and carry individual meanings as well.  Below are a few fun-facts about fonts:

1.  The Swiss typographer who invented Helvetica, the world's most familiar font, died with virtually no money.

2.  Road sign research discovered that it is easier to read lower-case letters while traveling at high speeds.

3.  For his official campaign font, Obama chose Hoefler & Frere-Jones' Gotham.

4. The font Courier is a librarian favorite and used by data entry companies as well.

5.  The word for Helvetica is the Latin word for "Swiss".

6.  At any less than four pixels high, fonts begin to become unreadable.

7.  Andrew Frutiger's font Frutiger took seven years to develop.

8.  Kerning adjusts the spacing between letters so that placement seems consistent.

9.  Leading refers to the space between two lines of fonts.

10.  The modern movable type system is only about 500 years old.

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