Sunday, March 18, 2012

Text Graphics

Pictures or posters often use text graphics to communicate some kind of message or slogan.  Through creative editing and graphic design text can be used to add another enticing and informative element to a composition.  The above poster is one announcing National Poetry Month.  I thought it was creative how the text was incorporated into the image of the out-stretched hands.  The text is creatively designed as it is red in color (automatically drawing in the eye), three-dimensional (adding to the realistic incorporation with the image of the hands), and gets larger is it reaches the top of the poster (adding another realistic element of perspective).  I also enjoyed the black and white effect placed on the hands which allows the text to stand out dramatically.  All in all, I thought this poster was creatively designed with many realistic elements that added to its overall effectiveness.

 In this poster, the text is used simultaneously with the image of the saxophone to relay the information of a concert.  The designer creatively uses the saxophone as the "J" in the name James.  The text is also positioned compactly and at an angle which draws in the observer's eye.  Another interesting aspect is the gradual change in color from yellow to red as the text progresses.  This also acts as an "attention-grabber" and makes the poster as a whole more interesting.  Overall, I feel that this post uses text and image in an unique and creative way.

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