Friday, January 20, 2012


 In this portrait, I used relatively few tools.  I mainly used dry brush and posterization.  The dry brush tool gives the portrait the rough edges and the appearance of a painting.  The posterization is responsible for the vast range of color and contrast within the photo.  For an extra touch, I add a multicolor star stamp to the center of my eyes.  This is one of my favorite portraits because of the dramatic effect of only using a few tools as well as the bright, eye-catching colors.

The second portrait includes a vast number of tools.  One major technique I used was creating multiple layers of key features, such as the eyes and the mouth.  I also used liquify, bulge, stained glass, paint daubs, colored pencil, halftone, and others.  As this was the final of a progression six self-portraits, I meant the result to be very abstract.  This piece is one of my favorites because it is practically unrecognizable and uses multiple tools and layers to achieve a very unique, dramatic effect.

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